Lesser known symptoms that could indicate a brain injury

| Oct 2, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Many Connecticut residents know that a motorcycle or truck accident can leave a victim with a brain injury. They also know that some of the symptoms of a brain injury can be an inability to remember events in their lives as well as mood changes and problems with coordination. However, there are also more subtle symptoms of a brain injury that many people may not be familiar with. So here are a few of the lesser known symptoms that could indicate a possible brain injury.

One of these symptoms is a change to a person’s vision. Changes to an injured victim’s vision do not occur in all cases of brain injury so it is possible that a doctor may not realize that this has occurred. Potential vision symptoms that could indicate a brain injury include sensitivity to light, blurred vision and changes to a person’s field of sight. While these symptoms can certainly result from other causes, they should be checked out if they develop after any accident.

Another symptom that can result from a brain injury is a change to a person’s ability to smell and taste. These symptoms of course are common when an individual gets a virus that results in congestion. However, if an individual who has been in an accident notices any changes to these senses, even if they are subtle, they should report it to their doctor. Brain injury can often involve the cranial nerves and this can cause changes to smell and taste.

Hearing loss is another symptom that can indicate a possible brain injury. However, any Connecticut resident who has been involved in an accident should be thoroughly checked out by qualified medical personnel in order to rule out any possible brain injury. They may also want to speak with an accident attorney in order to more fully understand the legal avenues that are available to them.

Source: braininjury.com, “Little known symptoms/injuries from traumatic brain injury,” Accessed Sep. 27, 2015

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