What type of damages can be awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit?

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Most Connecticut residents know that they can choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against a company or individual if they believe that their loss of a loved one was due to a company’s or individual’s negligence. However, they may not be aware that there are two different types of damages that they can sue for during the process. So exactly what are these two types of damages that can be part of a wrongful death lawsuit?

The first type of wrongful death damages that can be sued for in Connecticut is economic damages. Economic damages refer to the practical and essential expenses that the plaintiff had to pay out because of the death of their loved one. This can include medical expenses for any injuries that their loved one needed as well as funeral expenses. However, the person suing must prove to the court that the expenses cited in the trial were necessary and that they were the result of the defendant’s negligence.

Another type of damages that can be sued for in the state is non-economic damages. These damages are very different from economic damages and can be open to interpretation by the court. They can include compensation for the destruction of the decedent’s capacity to earn money for their family. But to come up with an amount for this type of damage, the court has to take into account what the earning potential of the decedent would have been if he or she lived. Non-economic damage can also include compensation for any pain and suffering as well as compensation for the individual’s death.

Bringing about a wrongful death lawsuit requires a great deal of attention to detail as well as a firm understanding of the legal requirements. Any Connecticut resident who is considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit may want to speak with a wrongful death attorney in order to fully understand all of the legal aspects of this type of case.

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