CDC report indicates higher mortality rates for some bicyclists

| Aug 20, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Connecticut motorists know that they must constantly be alert for cyclists. This helps to ensure they are doing what they can to prevent a bicycle accident. However, a new study released by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that there has been a substantial increase in bicycle fatalities for certain populations in the country.

The new study is an extensive look at bicyclist deaths caused by automobile traffic in America for the years 1975 – 2012. The study found that, while the overall frequency of bicycle deaths in the nation decreased, the percentage of adult cyclists killed by motor vehicle traffic increased significantly during the study period.

According to the researchers, the overall mortality rate for people between the ages of 35 and 74 rose quite substantially during the study with the most significant increase being among those aged 35-54. The rate of mortality from motor vehicles increased from 0.11 per 100,000 deaths to 0.31 per 100,000 deaths. That is nearly a threefold increase.

The study also found that men had a six times greater mortality rate than women. The researchers found that in the last year of the study, which was 2012, 87 percent of all bicycle deaths in the nation were men. This proportion was higher throughout the time of the study from 79 percent in 1977 to 90 percent in 2001.

The good news from the study was that the number of children’s death due to automotive traffic fell drastically. However, a Connecticut resident who has been injured in a bicycle accident due to the negligence of a driver may want to consult with a personal injury attorney in order to fully understand their legal options.

Source:, “Bicyclist deaths associated with motor vehicle traffic – United States, 1975 – 2012“, Aug. 14, 2015

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