Avoiding aggressive drivers on Connecticut roadways

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Many Connecticut drivers have been the victims of either aggressive drivers or road rage. This behavior has become far too common on many state roads, and it has led to injuries and even death. It can stem from congestion on the roads, a sense of territory and a decline in general courtesy on the road. Here are a few behaviors to practice that can help avoid road rage situations.

Sometimes when one driver behaves aggressively towards another, the second driver also starts to act aggressively in order to get even. However, this behavior can lead to further incidents, including fatal accidents. Rather than act aggressively to the first driver, it is important to ratchet down the tension by ignoring the behavior of the aggressive driver. Once you get to your destination, call the authorities and report the incident.

Another way to avoid being involved in a road rage incident is to calmly speak to any passengers in the car about what has just happened. Keeping emotions bottled up inside can lead to acting aggressively. But taking the time to talk about the incident calmly can reduce the feelings of anger and frustration. Talking to any passengers can also remind a driver that these people are relying on the driver to get them to their destination safely.

It’s also important to give the aggressive driver the benefit of the doubt. While it’s difficult to gauge the reason for someone’s behavior on the road, it is entirely possible that the act of road rage was an accident, was due to the tiredness of the driver or was due to a simple lack of attention.

Connecticut drivers can help reduce road rage and aggressive drivers by applying some basic common sense principles. However, if a driver has been the victim of another driver’s negligence, that individual may want to consider consulting with a personal injury attorney who can explain all of his or her legal options.

Source: ct.gov/dmv, “Aggressive driving and road rage“, Accessed Aug. 10, 2015

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