Statistics show more trucks involved in fatal accidents

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Many Connecticut residents have had the unfortunate luck to be stuck in traffic after a truck accident. And while this may only be an inconvenience for them, they know that those individuals who were involved in the crash have probably suffered a lot more including potential serious injuries. And, according to recent government statistics, the number of trucks involved in fatal crashes has increased.

According to a recently released report from the US Department of Transportation, the actual number of large trucks involved in fatal truck accidents nationwide increased from 2012 to 2013. The number of crashes increased from 3,825 to 3,906, an increase of two percent. However, the vehicle involvement rate for large trucks in fatal crashes per 100 million miles travelled remained at 1.42.

Another statistic that increased between 2012 and 2013 was the number of large trucks that were involved in accidents that resulted in only property damage. In 2012, there were 253,000 trucks involved, while in 2013 there were 265,000 trucks, an increase of five percent. This translated to a vehicle involvement rate increase of three percent.

The data also revealed that four percent of the drivers of large trucks involved in fatal collisions were 25 years old or younger and five percent were 66 years old or older. Three percent of the drivers were female.

Crashes that involved a large truck and either a pedestrian, bicyclist or other non-motorized vehicle accounted for 22 percent of all fatal crashes. They also accounted for 14 percent of all injury crashes and nearly one quarter of all property damage. However, most of the fatal large truck accidents still involved two vehicles.

These statistics emphasize that Connecticut motorists need to be careful and exercise caution while sharing the road with large trucks. But any Connecticut motorist who has been in a crash with a large truck may want to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney in order to explore his or her legal options.

Source: www., “Large truck and bus crash facts,” Accessed July 5, 2015

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