Connecticut retailers can be liable for slip and fall accidents

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Slip and fall accidents can lead to potentially serious injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are steps property and store owners can take to minimize the risk of injury to customers. When Connecticut store owners fail to take such reasonable steps, customers injured in slip and falls may be able to recover compensation in a premises liability lawsuit.

Among the most dangerous of these risk factors for falls are spills on floor surfaces. Other potential risk factors include loose mats or rugs which may trip someone; poor lighting which can prevent someone from seeing a tripping hazard; the presence of ice, snow and rain on both outdoor and indoor surfaces; and walking areas that are maintained in inadequate condition. Any one of these factors can cause a hazardous condition.

One way that retail business owners can prevent slip and fall accidents is by creating a slip and trip prevention policy that identifies the specific responsibilities of both the employers and the employees for preventing falls. Other steps that can be taken include making sure that an adequate number of electrical outlets have been installed on the property. This can prevent the overuse of extension cords which can sometimes be found lying across walkways and aisles. Additional steps include installing proper lighting to prevent dark walkways and providing umbrella stands so that water from the umbrellas does not accumulate in one specific area.

Proper training and equipment can also help prevent retail slip and falls. All employees should be trained to recognize slip and trip hazards. They should also be properly trained how to clean up spills. This includes using caution signs and placing cones around the dangerous area.

A Connecticut resident who has suffered a slip and fall accident they believe was the result of a company’s negligence may want to seek the advice of an experienced premises liability attorney in order to understand the legal options that are available.

Source:, “Preventing slips, trips and falls in wholesale and retail trade establishments“, accessed June 28, 2015

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