Connecticut launches crackdown on highway speeding

| May 7, 2015 | Uncategorized |

One of the most frightening experiences for a driver of any age is being passed on the right by another vehicle that is greatly exceeding the posted speed limit. Rather than maintaining the correct speed, these negligent drivers act as if their vehicle is an extension of their living room. They dart from lane to lane, cutting off car after car, all in order to break away from the flow of traffic. They are blissfully self-absorbed and fail to recognize that their actions can lead to a fatal car accident. State authorities in Connecticut are all too aware of these drivers and they are doing their best to stop these dangerous motorists.Recently, Connecticut, along with all of the other states in New England, launched an aggressive program designed to target speeders. According to Governor Dannel P. Malloy, increased numbers of state troopers will be patrolling several Connecticut highways, including I-91 and I-95, in an effort to stop speeding. The idea behind the crackdown is to prevent high speed car accidents, because police authorities believe that speeding and not wearing seat belts are major causes of fatal car crashes.According to statistics, 39 people were killed on Connecticut highways back in 2012. That amounts to over one sixth of the total fatalities for the entire New England area. One third of the people killed in these fatal car accidents were involved in high speed crashes.

There is also another reason for Connecticut drivers to slow down. If a driver is caught speeding between 76 and 80 miles an hour in the state, the driver can expect a fine of $259. And, if the driver is clocked between 81 and 85 miles per hour, the amount of the fine increases to $299.

Source:, “New England launches regional crackdown on speeding“, May 4, 2015

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