Important safety tips to avoide Connecticut motorcycle accidents

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There are many Hartford, Connecticut, drivers whose preferred method of transportation only has two wheels. Motorcycles can be quite a rush to ride, and many riders wax poetic about the amazing feeling of freedom that they experience when they are on the road. However, motorcycles do have some disadvantages, including being at the mercy of drivers of larger, more powerful vehicles. Motorcycle riders must be extra careful when they are driving and must do their part to try and prevent a motorcycle accident. And, while other drivers play a crucial role in keeping the roads safe, one thing motorcycle riders can do is to properly prepare themselves and their vehicles before getting on the road.

There are several important points that can help keep every motorcyclist safe, even before they begin their trip. The first is to put on the proper type of clothing before driving. This starts with wearing the proper motorcycle helmet. The preferred type of helmet is one that provides either three quarter coverage or full face coverage. A rider should make sure that the helmet meets all government standards and fits correctly. Proper clothing and eye protection are also important.

The driver must also understand the type of vehicle that he or she has. This includes insuring that the motorcycle is the correct height for the rider. That means that when the driver is sitting comfortably on the bike, his or her feet should touch the ground and all of the cycle’s controls should be within reach. If the rider is borrowing the bike from a friend, then it is critical to familiarize oneself with the vehicle before riding.

It is also important for the driver to perform a walk around, and check the vehicle for any damage. Check the air pressure and tread wear on all tires, check fluids and look around the vehicle for any evidence of a leak. Proper brake lights and turn signal function can help prevent a cyclist from becoming a motorcycle accident victim.

Motorcycle riders should also understand what their responsibilities are on the road. Drivers should always make sure that they are visible and that all the other drivers on the road know what they are planning to do. They must also always remain alert and understand how to avoid crashes.

Source:, “Motorcycle operator’s manual,” April 21, 2015

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