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April 2015 Archives

Legally speaking, who can be found on a store owner's property?

While many "mom and pop" type stores are becoming harder and harder to find in Middlesex County, Connecticut, the ones that are still in business bring a real sense of comfort and joy to their customers. But, these store owners, just like any chain store or franchise owner in the County, must always be aware of the premise liability risks on their property and what actions should be taken to prevent accidents. It's also important to understand how courts, insurance companies and legal representatives view the different types of individuals who enter a place of business and what a property owner's legal responsibility is to these people. Most courts, including those here in Connecticut, identify three main groups of people who might have reason to be on someone's property.

Important safety tips to avoide Connecticut motorcycle accidents

There are many Hartford, Connecticut, drivers whose preferred method of transportation only has two wheels. Motorcycles can be quite a rush to ride, and many riders wax poetic about the amazing feeling of freedom that they experience when they are on the road. However, motorcycles do have some disadvantages, including being at the mercy of drivers of larger, more powerful vehicles. Motorcycle riders must be extra careful when they are driving and must do their part to try and prevent a motorcycle accident. And, while other drivers play a crucial role in keeping the roads safe, one thing motorcycle riders can do is to properly prepare themselves and their vehicles before getting on the road.

What are the four main elements of a wrongful death lawsuit?

Losing a beloved family member due to the negligence of another human being is a great tragedy and, unfortunately, many Bristol, Connecticut families have had to deal with this type of situation in their lives. Not having that person around is emotionally devastating and it may also be financially crippling as well, especially if the deceased was the primary income provider for that family. In situations like this, the devastated family may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent individual in order to seek justice as well as financial compensation.

Traumatic Brain Injury victim now biking across the US

Many Hartford, Connecticut, families may have relatives who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and are still in the process of recovering. These people see their family member continue to work hard and struggle to regain the physical and mental capabilities that they once took for granted. But, recovery from a TBI can be a life-long process, and unfortunately, some victims are unable to resume the activities that they once loved. But, one East Coast young resident has beaten the TBI odds and has once again taken up one of his favorite activities -- bike riding. Nonetheless, even more amazing is that this young man has decided to bike across the country to raise awareness about TBIs.

Fatal truck accident claims life of Connecticut public worker

Very few Hartford, Connecticut workers think about losing their life when they report to work. Rather, they placidly go about their daily tasks confident that today will be just like any other day on the job. But for those public workers who are employed by the various townships and cities of Connecticut, safety must play a very important role in the preparation of their daily jobs. They must constantly practice rigorous safety protocols every day, because a brief lapse of concentration can suddenly turn deadly.

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