Understanding the fundamental types of brain injuries

| Mar 19, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Many Connecticut residents have seen a friend or close relative accidentally bump their head at one time or another. And while there are usually no long term effects from these minor bruises, they serve to remind us of the constant possibilities of a brain injury.

It is important to remember that there are two main kinds of brain injuries. The first is known as an acquired brain injury. This type of injury occurs after birth, but is not associated with a degenerative type of condition such as Alzheimer’s disease. An acquired brain injury can be caused by many different factors, including tumors, infections, strokes, toxic exposure to a hazardous substance or even substance abuse. They can cause different types of changes in people, including changes to their behaviors and cognitive abilities. An acquired brain injury can be either temporary or permanent in nature.

The other type of brain injury is known as a traumatic brain injury and is caused by a shock or blow to the head that affects the brain’s ability to function properly. TBIs can be either mild or severe in nature, and its effects can include the loss of consciousness and memory. There are many causes of TBI, including car accidents, sports injuries, falls and physical assaults. And, as with acquired brain injuries, TBIs can be temporary or permanent in nature. It’s also important to remember that about three quarters of all TBIs are the result of a concussion.

Whether a brain injury is acquired or a TBI, Connecticut residents should know that medical expenses for these types of injuries can be extremely high. Treatment may involve different kinds of medical experts, including surgeons, nurses and therapists, such as physical and speech therapists.

Source: Brain Injury Alliance. “Brain injury basics” Accessed March 15, 2015

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