How Connecticut drivers can share the road with large trucks

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Connecticut drivers continue to read about dangerous truck accidents that occur far too frequently all over the highways and streets of the state. Some of these accidents are caused by slippery roads and other weather-influenced conditions, while others are the result of all too preventable human negligence. Deeply concerned about the number and frequency of tractor-trailer accidents in the state, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles has developed a safety guide to help all drivers learn to share the road with 18-wheelers. These basic tips can help prepare motorists for their next encounter with these massive vehicles.

All truck and passenger car drivers should be aware that large tractor-trailers have four specific blind spots. These four areas make it difficult for the truck driver to clearly see what is going on. These areas are also known as “No-Zones,” and there is one on every side of a large truck. A driver should never drive along the right side of a truck or directly behind it because it is extremely difficult to be seen in these locations. Also, it is important to see the truck driver’s side mirror whenever driving on the left hand side of the truck. The truck driver will not be able to see anyone in his or her mirror if that vehicle’s driver can’t see the mirror.

Drivers must always pass an 18-wheeler on the left and never on the right. And when a driver passes, it’s very important to give extra room to the truck because of the time and the amount of road it takes for a large truck to stop suddenly. And if a truck decides to pass a car on the road, that car should slow down slightly in order to cut down on the time it takes for the truck to pass. The proper use of a vehicle’s signals is also very critical whenever passing a large truck.

There are additional areas of large truck safety that all drivers need to understand. These include following 18-wheelers at a proper safe distance, merging into traffic with a big truck and giving these vehicles the proper amount of room to make right turns. Unfortunately, even the safest of drivers can fall victim to an accident caused by a negligent semi-truck driver. Should a semi-truck driver cause an accident, it is only fair that the victim be able to seek compensation from the negligent driver.

Source: State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, “Don’t Hang in the No-Zone,” Accessed March 20, 2015

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