Connecticut driver settles truck accident claim for $1.8 million

| Mar 18, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Many drivers in Connecticut develop an uneasy feeling whenever they are driving in the presence of very large trucks. The height and width of these 18-wheelers can make it difficult for drivers to clearly understand the road situation around them. Motorists also have to be keenly aware of what these large trucks are doing in order to avoid getting involved in a truck accident.

Recently, a Connecticut man who was injured in just this type of crash settled his lawsuit with the truck driver and the driver’s trucking company for a reported $1.8 million. The accident took place during the winter of 2013 when the man charitably agreed to help his friend by driving out to a group of gas stations the friend owned and collecting the cash receipts generated by the stations.

The man was accompanied by his cousin and was actually using his cousin’s car since his own wasn’t working. The man was driving westbound on I-84 near New Britain when an 18-wheeler struck his car and forced the man off the highway and into a snowbank. According to the man’s attorney, the car was sandwiched like an accordion by the accident, resulting in injuries to both the man and his cousin. While the cousin who was riding in the passenger side of the vehicle suffered only minor injuries, the driver suffered serious injuries, including a concussion, a fracture of the neck vertebrae, fractures to the bones in his skull and cheek, a broken rib and some loss in hearing. The man spent two weeks in the hospital and afterwards spent an additional eight weeks at a rehabilitation center. He has been receiving outpatient rehabilitation since his release.

During the federal lawsuit that alleged both negligence and recklessness, both the injured driver and the truck company had expert witnesses testify on their behalf. The expert for the plaintiff felt that the accident was totally the fault of the truck driver, while the witness for the truck driver and his company believed that the injured man was at fault. During the trial, the judge asked both the plaintiff and the defense to attend a settlement conference. It was at this conference that both sides agreed upon the amount of financial remuneration for the plaintiff.

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