How can I lower my risk of becoming a motorcycle accident victim?

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If you ride a motorcycle in Connecticut, you probably already know that some drivers just don’t look out for motorcyclists. Defensive riding is critical if you want to avoid a collision with a car or truck. When a larger vehicle collides with a motorcycle, the unprotected rider is at risk of catastrophic injuries or death.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has published a list of safety tips for motorcycle riders that is worth reviewing. A number of the tips are aimed at making riders more visible to other motorists. First, don’t overlook the obvious: make sure your headlight is working and keep it on at all times, even during the day. In the daytime, wear bright clothing, including a helmet. When riding at night wear reflective stickers or tape on your bike and your clothing.

You should always be mindful of the blind spots where car and truck drivers can’t see you. If it appears a motorist doesn’t notice you, sound your horn. Find a position within your lane where drivers can see you best. A good mental trick to riding defensively is to assume you are invisible to drivers and ride accordingly.

Unfortunately, defensive riding strategies can only go so far. You can’t always predict the actions of a negligent or distracted driver. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, you may have the right to sue that driver for damages. A personal injury attorney with experience representing injured motorcycle riders can help you prove your case and recover any compensation you may be entitled to.

Source: Motorcycle Safety Foundation, “Quick Tips: General Guidelines For Riding A Motorcycle Safely,” accessed Feb. 13, 2014

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