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February 2015 Archives

What are the signs of a potential brain injury?

When a person in Hartford suffers a head injury, it's important to understand how dangerous it can be. The possibility of a brain injury is always looming when there is some form of head trauma and, no matter the circumstances in which it happened, it must be taken seriously. Symptoms can arise belatedly indicating that there was some form of damage done. This is true whether it was an adult or child who might have been hurt. Understanding the signs of a brain injury is important to making a timely decision to seek treatment.

How can I lower my risk of becoming a motorcycle accident victim?

If you ride a motorcycle in Connecticut, you probably already know that some drivers just don't look out for motorcyclists. Defensive riding is critical if you want to avoid a collision with a car or truck. When a larger vehicle collides with a motorcycle, the unprotected rider is at risk of catastrophic injuries or death.

Understanding 'legal status of visitor' in premises liability

Whenever someone enters a property, they have a reasonable expectation not to be harmed. Property owners have most likely heard of premises liability, but even though that explanation seems fairly simple, the ins and outs of the legal area can sometimes be difficult to understand. While the area is too complex to tackle all in one post, a crucial element of premises liability is the legal status of the visitor.

Resources for Hartford residents suffering from a TBI

It is one of the most serious yet misunderstood injuries one can be so unfortunate to sustain. A traumatic brain injury can be completely debilitating. From affecting your motor skills to ruining your ability to emotionally connect to others, the injury is often life-altering.

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