Who is liable to the victims of semi truck collisions?

| Nov 13, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Another local accident involving two tractor-trailers has shed more light on the danger of commercial vehicles. According to police, one semi collided with another on I-84 outside Hartford. One driver was killed in the crash. The highway was closed for hours as authorities cleaned up debris and a spill from one or both of the semis.

The complete devastation left in the wake of semi truck collisions like this is, unfortunately, nothing new. This blog has regularly reported on truck accidents across the state which have killed victims or left them with serious injuries. Given the severity of those instances, many local residents want to know who is responsible to victims and their families.

Unlike a private owner car crash, commercial vehicles accidents can have a much wider sphere of liability. Like all vehicles, a commercial semi has an operator who may be liable to the victims if his or her negligence caused the crash. In addition, the owners of the truck may be responsible if they did not take appropriate safety precautions.

The driver and trucking company, though, may not be the only ones liable. Commercial vehicles must also meet very strict guidelines for safety and maintenance. There may be others tasked with these obligations. If their omissions result in an accident causing injuries, they too may be responsible.

Victims of such accidents should keep in mind that there might be someone at the end of the line to pay for the damages caused. Finding that person and holding him or her responsible, though, is not always easy. Therefore, victims and their families should reach out to a skilled local personal injury lawyer to guide them through the process.

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