Hartford on list of cities with most accidents

| Nov 21, 2014 | Uncategorized |

This blog regularly reports on injured victims in and around the Hartford area. From motorcycle accidents to accident involving commercial vehicles, Hartford residents run an inherent risk every time they hit the road. As it turns out, this risk is more substantial than most other places in the country.

A new report has revealed that large traffic congested cities like Hartford, D.C., Providence and Boston present an elevated risk of getting into an accident. Only one western city, San Francisco, appeared amongst the list which was dominated by the eastern seaboard.

The risks are attributed to all forms of negligence. From a distracted driver to a drunk driver, or both, a negligent party in an automobile wields and extremely powerful weapon. This weapon has resulted in death and destruction all over the region. As winter nears, the risk becomes greater. Despite the news coverage on hurricanes and tornadoes, winter weather resulting in car accidents is the most fatal weather event.

While all this bad news is certainly grim, records show a person only gets in one accident per 10 years. Moreover, only 25 percent of accidents result in any injuries and less than one percent result in a fatality.

If you find yourself in the minority, however, seeking proper legal guidance can be of great help during the stressful time. If a negligent party is involved in the accident, compensation may be available for medical expenses, lost wages and more. A personal injury lawyer can provide victims with the necessary guidance to move forward with a lawsuit.

Source: USA Today, “Northeastern cities have the most car accidents,” Doyle Rice, November 11, 2014

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