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November 2014 Archives

Connecticut's Traumatic Brain Injury Programs Nearly a Decade Old

In 2005, Connecticut applied for and received a grant from the Federal Traumatic Brain Injury State Grant Program. The federal program originated in a 1996 law that sought to arm local governments with the tools to address traumatic brain injuries.

Hartford on list of cities with most accidents

This blog regularly reports on injured victims in and around the Hartford area. From motorcycle accidents to accident involving commercial vehicles, Hartford residents run an inherent risk every time they hit the road. As it turns out, this risk is more substantial than most other places in the country.

Who is liable to the victims of semi truck collisions?

Another local accident involving two tractor-trailers has shed more light on the danger of commercial vehicles. According to police, one semi collided with another on I-84 outside Hartford. One driver was killed in the crash. The highway was closed for hours as authorities cleaned up debris and a spill from one or both of the semis.

Teenager recovering from significant brain injury

A high school football player is in good spirits as he recovers from a serious brain injury he suffered in a recent football game. It took doctors two operations to fix the bleeding and pressure building up in the boy's head, but the teenager is now back at home resting with his family.

Slip-and-fall accident victims should not be dismissed

Slip-and-falls are one of the most common injury causing events every year in Connecticut. With wintry and icy weather just around the corner, slip-and-fall accidents are sure to go up in the coming weeks. While many victims experience nothing more than embarrassment, serious injuries can and do occur when someone slips and falls.

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