Victims with brain injuries have a place to turn in Hartford

| Oct 2, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Car accidents, work accidents, physical altercations or dangerous property conditions can all lead to one of the most severe and least understood injuries around. Traumatic brain injuries happen with more regularity in and around Hartford than most people imagine.

For instance, a car accident may result in minor brain trauma when a victim’s head hits a door panel, steering wheel or windshield. While there may be no immediately apparent debilitating effects, the victim may experience amnesia and emotional anxiety in the days and weeks following the incident. Nevertheless, recovering damages for a traumatic brain injury is not always easy, since it may not be as transparent as a broken bone.

The local advocates at Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, however, have made it their business to advocate for brain injury victims. No matter how the injury was sustained, these professionals can review your case and determine whether damages are recoverable.

With decades of experience, the attorneys at Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro maximize the financial compensation victims obtain in a settlement. These professionals know how to prove the severity of brain trauma and secure money to compensate victims for the mental and emotional challenges they will face in the future.

Insurance adjusters and other defending parties routinely rebut the seriousness of a head injury because it might lack the superficial qualities of other conditions. Moreover, proving that indirect mental experiences were caused by an initial trauma like a car accident is not always easy. As a result, victims and their families need to secure the best representation they can so all recoverable damages go towards helping the victim on their road to recovery.

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