Have you been seriously injured while shopping in Hartford?

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Last week, this blog reported on a recent accident outside a major retail store. A patron was burned with hot oil as the result of two employees playing with a lighter. Fortunately, the victim’s injuries were described as minor. Nevertheless, it is not hard to imagine how such an incident could have been far worse.

The truth is, many individuals have been seriously injured while shopping in and around the Hartford area. From slip and fall cases to parking lot mishaps, these unfortunate events often leave the victim with significant medical bills and the inability to work. Recovering these funds, though, is not automatic. To do so, victims need the help of a qualified Hartford area premises liability attorney.

The experienced attorneys at Lewis Lewis & Ferraro are experts at holding property owners responsible for negligently maintaining their property. The victims of inadequate security or an animal attack should not have to bear the cost of that event by themselves.

Rather, the property owner should cover the victim’s damages. To get to this end, however, requires investigation, filing a lawsuit, and the prosecution of that suit. Along the way, there are hundreds of pitfalls which could rob a victim of the compensation they are due. This is why it is so essential for those injured while shopping or otherwise visiting a commercial establishment to contact a local lawyer.

Only these experienced professionals can evaluate, strategize and employ a premises liability plan that maximizes a victim’s recovery. The attorneys at Lewis Lewis & Ferraro have secured millions of dollars for their clients and they can help you too.

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