Resources Available to Connecticut Traumatic Brain Injury Victims

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In the past decade, the medical community’s knowledge and understanding of brain injuries has skyrocketed. Once a relative mystery, brain injuries are now being diagnosed and successfully treated at an ever expanding rate. Resources, like Connecticut’s Brain Injury Alliance, seek to maintain this growth. This is great news for traumatic brain injury victims.

The Brain Injury Alliance describes a traumatic brain injury broadly as any blow or a jolt to the head which effects brain function. This type of injury can be caused by falls or motor vehicle accidents. The severity and degree of such an injury, of course, can vary.

The Alliance publishes a list of helpful tips for those seeking to recover from such an injury. These include getting a lot of rest and avoiding high contact activities. Such simple fixes, though, are not sufficient when an injury is severe. While a visit to the doctor is advisable after any blow to the head, severe head injuries may require extensive medical treatment and therapy.

In addition to treatment, a person’s job and personal life may also be affected by the side effects of a brain injury. If not addressed, it is not an overstatement to say a brain injury can ruin someone’s life. While doctors and advocacy groups are the best resources for the treatment of traumatic brain injuries, local Hartford attorneys are the best resource to recoup damages from negligent parties that caused an accident. This step can be vital in compensating a victim and his or her family for medical expenses and time away from work.

Source: Brain Injury Alliance – Connecticut, “Brain Injury Basics,” Accessed on August 19, 2014

Source: Brain Injury Alliance – Connecticut, “Brain Injury Basics,” Accessed on August 19, 2014

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