Circus Coming to Hartford Despite Injured Performers

| May 7, 2014 | Uncategorized |

The Ringling Brothers Circus is on its way to Hartford despite a horrifying accident which occurred recently at a performance in Providence. As has been widely reported, a malfunctioning piece of equipment caused a human chandelier to collapse. Eight young women were injured in the incident. Among their many injuries were compound fractures and potential traumatic brain injury.

The Circus canceled its remaining shows in Rhode Island but confirmed that the show will go on as planned in Hartford. The injured acrobats, however, will remain hospitalized with serious, but non-life threatening, injuries.

The bizarre accident has many local experts counting their blessings. Given the height of the fall and absence of a safety net, the injuries could have been much worse. While a head injury or a broken bone is not an insignificant injury, the victims are expected to make a full recovery

Investigators are reviewing the cause of the accident. Providence city officials claim they were not responsible for a safety check, thus putting the blame directly on the circus operators. Finding fault and determining whether actionable negligence exists is common after such an event.

Those injured in car accidents, workplace accidents or in any other fashion may have a cause of action against the person who caused their injuries. Local Hartford attorneys have helped those injured in unlikely ways investigate the cause of an event and locate the party responsible for their damages.

This service can be vital for those that must miss work or sustain significant medical expenses. Brain injuries can be especially devastating for earning capacity and rehabilitation time. Therefore, victims are encouraged to contact a local expert with experience maximizing the financial compensation for an injury.

Source: NBC News, “Circus moves to Hartford, injured performers still hospitalized,” May 6, 2014

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