One injured in Connecticut paper truck accident

| Apr 23, 2014 | Uncategorized |

An accident this past week on I-95N in Norwalk between two tractor-trailers stymied commuters for several hours. According to reports, a paper truck carrying 20 bundles of paper weighing over one ton apiece slammed into another semi that was parked on the shoulder of the road.

The truck accident was so violent, it caused the trailer to burst open, sending rolls of paper out onto the highway. Fortunately, firefighters and Connecticut State Troopers were able to clear the road before any other vehicles struck the debris. The only person injured in the collision was the driver of the parked truck. He was taken to the Norwalk Hospital with what authorities described as minor injuries.

The minimum amount of collateral damage caused by this incident is directly connected to the time of day. The accident occurred around 5 AM, before rush hour truly got under way. As a result, there were fewer cars on the road, which made it easier for passing vehicles to avoid the trucks and debris.

Unfortunately, these types of incidents do not always occur at the most opportune times. Trucks may malfunction or their drivers may become inattentive at any time. Such a happening often results in a chain reaction accident.

Those injured in this type of accident may have recourse against the driver or the trucking company. These commercial operators have a duty to ensure they are not using defective auto parts or cargo holds. If an accident results from a failure to abide by these regulations, those injured have a cause of action for damages.

Local Hartford attorneys have represented hundreds of people injured by commercial trucks. These professionals may be able to aid in securing settlements which can allow the victims and their families to move on after the incident.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Truck Crash Causes Delays on I-95N in Norwalk,” April 15, 2014

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