Connecticut lawmakers addressing growing brain injury concerns

| Mar 6, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Connecticut legislators are considering bills directed at mitigating the growing traumatic brain injury concerns among youths. The first piece of proposed legislation looks to increase concussion and brain injury education. The other proposal, meanwhile, would limit the amount of time minors could play contact sports.

The children’s committee held hearings on both measures last week. Both proponents and opponents voiced their opinions on the bills. Supporters believe that it was their duty to do anything they could to ensure that children live long and healthy lives. Objectors, on the other hand, suggested that the current scheme provided sufficient protection and these laws were an overreaction.

One thing is for certain — traumatic brain injuries are not going away. As medical advancements continue, we are learning more and more about the long-term effects of even minor head trauma. While youth sports like football have come under the microscope, brain injuries are caused by a lot of other occurrences.

Workplace accidents and car accidents cause head trauma on a regular basis. The victims of these incidents often sustain extraordinary medical expenses and lifelong therapy needs. This financial outlay is compounded by the reduction of earning ability.

As a result of these serious consequences, anyone that sustains a brain injury may want to contact a local Hartford attorney. Doing so may help brain injury victims recover compensation to pay for the losses caused by their injury. These awards are vital in paying for unforeseen medical treatment and supporting a family while someone recoups and rehabilitates a head injury. Without their help, victims risk foregoing their rights to recovery.

Source: Hartford Courant, “Concussion Legislation Would Limit Contact Sports,” Daniela Altimari and Rose Lichtenfels, Feb. 27, 2014

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