Connecticut interstate reopened after truck accident

| Mar 26, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Local authorities recently reopened the exit 50 off-ramp and the right lane of I-95 North in New Haven. The exit was closed for hours after a truck accident. According to reports, the tractor-trailer was leaking diesel fuel. Connecticut State Police were dispatched to the scene to mitigate the incident and clean up the spill.

Immediate reports from the site of the accident did not confirm or deny whether other vehicles were involved or whether any injuries occurred. Commercial truck accidents, though, have been known to cause serious injuries or death, as this blog regularly reports on such incidents in and around the Hartford area.

The danger inherent in commercial trucks is caused by several factors. The size of semis increases the damages in even a minor collision, while the profit motive for trucking companies often causes them to cut corners on safety. While federal and state regulators attempt to pin drivers and truck companies down, unsafe conditions continue to exist.

Whether it be an overworked driver or a poorly-maintained truck, even a slight oversight can cause serious damages to an unsuspecting driver. From lost wages to extraordinary medical bills, injuries caused by a truck accident can materially alter a person’s ability to provide for themselves and their families.

As a result, local Hartford attorneys have committed themselves to advocating for such victims. These local experts know how to investigate accidents and identify responsible parties. In addition, they can accurately appraise the value of damages to ensure any settlement or award is enough to fully compensate the victim. This expertise has helped thousands of victims move past their injuries and thrive after an accident.

Source: NBC News, “I-95 North in New Haven Clear After Truck Crash,” Mar. 24, 2014

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