Science fiction cure proposed for traumatic brain injury

| Feb 13, 2014 | Uncategorized |

This blog regularly reports on local accidents in the Hartford area and the catastrophic injuries that result. One of the most devastating types of injuries sustained in such an incident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). From memory loss to mood swings to reduced cognitive capabilities, head injuries can cause a wide range of debilitating effects. Fortunately, the medical community has been making leaps in the diagnosis and treatment of this elusive condition.

The most recent development, however, takes it to another level. The Pentagon, heavily invested in treating head injuries, which have become commonplace amongst servicemen, has recently proposed the use of brain implants. After hitting dead ends with traditional treatments and pharmaceuticals, the federal agency is now proposing an implantable probe.

While the probes are reportedly a long way from being operational, the ingenuity is encouraging for those with brain injuries. These forgotten victims struggled with the challenges of their condition without the hope for much improvement. Now, hope is being restored.

Those suffering head injuries as the result of someone else’s negligence have a long road to recovery. Their injury could result in reduced earning capacity and other damages to close relationships. These effects can be difficult to monetize. As a result, victims and families of TBI victims are encouraged to contact a local Hartford attorney to advise them on the appropriate amount of compensation to seek.

Researchers are working diligently to develop a magic bullet to eradicate TBI effects. Nonetheless, victims must be diligent about securing financial flexibility to offset the harm their injury has caused.

Source: The Washington Post, “Might brain implants help restore memory loss after combat injuries,” Kathleen Miller, Feb. 10, 2014

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