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February 2014 Archives

Man arrested in wake of fatal accident

A Waterbury man was arrested last week for his role in a deadly car accident. According to reports, the 30-year-old driver caused a fatal accident last September when he crossed the centerline on Route 188 in Oxford. His Ford truck struck a Subaru Outback carrying a 32-year-old mother and her two young children.

Deadly fire raises dangerous property concerns

A report out of New Hartford details the tragedy of a deadly fire at a residence near Utica. The blaze killed a 7-year-old boy and his 3-year-old brother. The boys' 21-year-old aunt was also killed in the fire. Five other people were in the home. Each one was taken to the hospital for injuries caused by the fire. Investigators ruled the fire an accident and believe it was ignited by a faulty electrical appliance.

Science fiction cure proposed for traumatic brain injury

This blog regularly reports on local accidents in the Hartford area and the catastrophic injuries that result. One of the most devastating types of injuries sustained in such an incident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). From memory loss to mood swings to reduced cognitive capabilities, head injuries can cause a wide range of debilitating effects. Fortunately, the medical community has been making leaps in the diagnosis and treatment of this elusive condition.

Most Connecticut drunk drivers go uncaught until too late

Many Connecticut drivers live in fear of repeat offender drunk drivers, those drivers who have been convicted in the past of drunk driving and yet continue to get behind the wheel while impaired. Those drivers do indeed represent a threat to the safety of everyone on the roads. However, a recent report found that most drunk drivers involved in fatal accidents in Connecticut had no record of DUI arrests in the decade before the accident. This finding raises a possibility that may be even scarier than the thought of multiple offenders: Many of the drivers in these fatal accidents may have driven while drunk but were not found out until the time they killed themselves or others in an accident.

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