Farm truck accident kills woman in western New York

| Oct 4, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Hartford residents are used to hearing about traffic accidents and pile-ups along the metro area’s well-traveled highways. Serious accidents, however, are just as likely in New England’s rural country. A recent accident this past week involving a farm truck and a woman on horseback is a tragic reminder as to how accidents in rural areas can happen just as easily as in urban areas.

The truck accident occurred last Saturday in the early morning hours. A 49 year-old woman was riding her horse along the side of the road as a farm truck carrying animal feed between farms approached. The truck struck the woman and her horse. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to reports, another driver almost struck the same woman moments earlier and had to take “evasive” actions to avoid a collision. While this fact may suggest the woman was not obeying traffic regulations, the accident remains under investigation.

This blog has previously reported on semi accidents in urban areas and the federal trucking regulations with which those vehicles are required to comply. Farm trucks, though less of a concern for city dwellers, may also be subject to certain regulations. Generally, any commercial vehicle operating for profit will be regulated.

This is important for those injured or the families of those killed in truck accidents. Inattentive truck drivers cause serious injuries and deaths every year in Hartford. Like any traffic accident, their negligence may result in an award for the victims. However, the additional regulations that may be applicable to a particular accident may increase the recoverable amount or otherwise bolster the victim’s position.

Local Hartford attorneys specialize in transportation laws and regulations. If you or someone you know is injured by a commercial truck, these experts can help secure compensation for the damages that were caused.

Source: Examiner, “Farm truck kills woman riding horseback in Eden,” Heidi Rucki, Sept. 28, 2013

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