Elderly Hartford Woman Critically Injured in Truck Accident

| Jul 18, 2013 | Uncategorized |

An 82 year-old woman is in critical condition after being run over by a delivery truck. According to Hartford Police, a delivery driver went over a curb near Newton Street, pinning the woman under the truck. The driver told a nearby store manager that an accident had occurred and fled the scene. Police arrived shortly thereafter to extricate the woman from underneath the vehicle.

According to reports, emergency responders needed a forklift to get the woman out from under the truck. She was quickly rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Police then turned their attention to locating the person that caused the truck accident. By Thursday afternoon, they had located the alleged driver and placed him under arrest.

Apparently, the suspected driver did not have a U.S. driver’s license and was carrying a Mexican passport. Officials are looking into his immigration status. The man worked for C-Town and has just finished making another delivery when the accident happened. But, the manager of C-Town admitted that the driver should not have been allowed to drive or make deliveries.

As police sort through the stories, the 82 year-old victim is fighting through critical injuries that can be difficult for anyone, must less an octogenarian. At that age, recovery time is extended and certain components of injuries often become permanent. Add in the fact that the victim was pinned under a vehicle for what might have felt like an eternity, and she is likely entitled to significant compensation from the driver, the truck company and/or the owner of the truck.

Commercial vehicle accidents often involve multiple layers of ownership and varying insurance policies that can be time consuming to sift through when a victim is recovering from their injuries. However, they should not be daunted by the task and should continue to work to hold the negligent driver accountable for their actions. They may be able to approach an attorney for assistance in the matter.

Source: NBC News, “82-Year-Old Hit By Delivery truck in Critical Condition,” Ari Mason, July 12, 2013

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