Obama’s brain injury pledge gives hope

| Apr 11, 2013 | Uncategorized |

In February, President Obama declared in his State of the Union address that in order to make the best products there must be an investment in the best ideas. To back up this declaration, Obama announced that $100 million will be directed toward an initiative to study the human brain, as reported by the Hartford Business Journal. The hope is that the funds will be used to better understand disorders of the brain.

While this particular funding will not be made available until 2014, some of the work may have already begun. For instance, scientists may have made strides in understanding Alzheimer’s through brain mapping. But, everyone recognizes that the work is not complete for traumatic brain injury and disorders. There is hope, though, that the brain initiative will make strides toward curing, treating and preventing debilitating brain conditions.

Specifically, prevention can be seen as the holy grail of any medical study. The prevention of traumatic brain injuries, however, may not be clear cut. While increased helmet technology may someday fully protect military and sports personnel from serious had injuries, the rest of us will still be susceptible to a car accident or workplace mishap.

Brain trauma from events like these can be just as serious as brain injuries from any other event. The resulting brain damage can cause problems such as mood swings and depression and can even affect memory and concentration. Accordingly, these injuries disrupt the lives of the victims and their families. From lost wages to medical bills, victims of head injuries have a tough road.

Local Hartford legal professionals understand the future challenges that these individuals and their loved ones are forced to endure. Whether it was a car accident or some other freak accident, victims and their loved ones should learn more about their legal options. An award of damages may compensate victims for all that was lost.

Source: Hartford Business Journal, “Obama announces $100M to unlock mysteries of brain,” April 2, 2013

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