Connecticut’s wild weather results in several truck accidents

| Mar 18, 2013 | Uncategorized |

The recent winter storm that scattered wet snow across the state caused hazardous conditions on Connecticut’s roadways. The slick roads cause dozens of car spin-outs across the state. It was the truck accidents, however, that caused the most mayhem. In the eastern half of Connecticut, trucks were finding it especially difficult to get around. The hills on I-84 were practically impassable for tractor-trailers.

The resulting jack-knife closed both the east and west bound lanes of that stretch of highway for extended periods. The results were not much different on I-95 north of Clinton or I-91 south of Wethersfield. Both of those areas also reported jack-knifed trucks. It is unclear whether any serious injuries were connected to these 18-wheeler accidents.

Sometimes, a truck accident, like any other accident, can be nothing more than a nuisance. Even a jack-knifed semi may merely back up traffic. This, of course, is the best case scenario. Considering the considerable weight of these commercial vehicles, when one loses control, everyone in the vicinity is at a serious risk.

Truck accidents kill thousands every year. Thousands more are left with debilitating injuries. To lessen the risk, governments have enacted heavy regulations to govern the transportation industry. These rules regulate everything from the training of drivers to the condition of the trucks. When those rules are not followed, the risk of an accident escalates.

The failure to abide by proper safety standards is not tolerated, especially when an innocent victim is hurt. When an accident occurs, knowing your rights is priceless.

Source: Hartford Courant, “Snow Causes Multiple Truck Crashes, Highway Closures Overnight,” March 8, 2013.

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