Connecticut senator speaks out for motorcycle accident victim

| Mar 13, 2013 | Uncategorized |

In June, a fatal accident claimed the life of a father and husband. The victim, a 31-year-old man, was killed while riding home on his motorcycle. An unregistered minivan driven by a repeat drunk driver, habitual motor vehicle offender and convicted felon struck the motorcycle and drove off. Unfortunately, this tragic motorcycle accident is not unique.

Because of internal regulations within Connecticut’s state agencies, the information held by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Corrections was never unified. As a result, the culprit in this hit and run accident was not taken off the roads until it was too late. It is this type of effect that new cooperation laws are intended to prevent.

Connecticut State Senator Jason Welch recently testified on behalf of the family of the victim to support the new regulations. The proposed legislation would make up-to-date motor vehicle records available in the criminal justice system. The hope is that future accidents like these will be averted.

Until local leaders can completely eliminate the threat of human recklessness, residents are left to fend for themselves. Motorcyclists are especially at risk. Negligent drivers often fail to check a blind spot that contains a motorcycle. As a result, motorcyclists are thrown off their bikes and are stricken with catastrophic injuries.

Local Hartford attorneys can help these victims and their families recover from this type of traumatic event. They know how wide-reaching a neck injury or head injury can be. Accordingly, they can secure the full value of damages that victims are entitled too. From lost wages to medical bills, victims of motorcycle accidents are encouraged to contact an attorney to make sure that no rock goes unturned.

Source: The Bristol Press, “State Sen. Jason Welch testifies for victim in fatal hit-and-run,” March 2, 2013

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