Truck accident in Connecticut injures four

| Feb 16, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Traffic was snarled for several hours last weekend on I-84 West in Waterbury. The interstate was shut down completely near the scene of a multi-car pile-up. According to the Connecticut State Patrol, the accident occurred between exits 23 and 24 around 9:30 Saturday morning.

Apparently, traffic was already slowed because of construction. A Fed-ex truck nearing the congestion failed to slow down in time. It swerved and struck a guard rail and side swiped two vehicles. This caused a chain reaction that resulted in an eight-car collision. The truck accident sent four people to the hospital with varying neck and back injuries.

Not surprisingly, the state police issued the driver of the truck an infraction. The citation would have been issued had any vehicle sped through a construction zone. Commercial trucks are required to observe traffic laws just like the rest of us. There are important differences, though, to the obligations of a truck driver.

Federal trucking regulations seek to control the commercial business that fills public roadways. The legislation has a bevy of rules that drivers and transportation companies must follow. From insurance obligations to maintenance requirements, these operators can be violating the law due to technical violations that may amount to negligence.

The average person caught up in a truck accident may not understand how these regulations can help them become whole. Fortunately, local Hartford attorneys are knowledgeable in trucking laws. They know what standards truck companies must meet. They also know how to investigate compliance and who is ultimately responsible for the truck and the trailer involved. Victims of truck accidents are encouraged to consult with a local attorney to see how these federal regulations may help them recover damages for lost wages, medical expenses and other monetary damages.

Source: NBC News, “I-84 Reopens After Multi-Car Pile-up,” Feb. 2, 2013

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