Hartford Hospital Gets Grant to Fight Traumatic Brain Injury

| Feb 5, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford was able to announce some exciting news last month. The local hospital was awarded a $21,600 grant from the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The grant is to be used for the hospital’s Violence and Injury Prevention Program known as Let’s Not Meet By Accident.

The Program provides half-day sessions to high school students. It encourages young people to make good choices in risky situations. One of the focuses of the Program is traumatic brain injury. The grant will pay for 15 sessions of the educational program and also make some hands on experience at the hospital more accessible. Saint Francis and the state hope that this partnership will reduce tragic injuries to young people.

The program will also focus on buckling up, distracted driving, and drunk driving. The hope is to back up lessons about safety with education on possible consequences. Traumatic brain injuries are often the most detrimental consequence stemming from car accidents.

Young people who sustain brain injuries are forced to fight through rehabilitation and therapy during their formative years. Being competitive in today’s economy is hard enough for young adults. Throw in a battle with a traumatic brain injury and it’s easy to see how difficult a road they must traverse.

Mounting medical bills coupled with a drastically reduced earning capacity often leave accident victims and their families in a financial quagmire. Local Hartford attorneys understand the struggle. While medical and auto insurance may readily compensate a victim for certain compensatory damages, it is far less likely to obtain a full recovery without the help of an attorney. These specialists fight for the full value of the loss. Considering that these accidents can strip a young person of their promising future, it is important that families do not settle for less than what loss they have been forced to endure.

Source: Connecticut Plus, “Saint Francis hospital receives grant,” Jan. 23, 2013

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