Connecticut workers grow cognizant of brain injury risk

| Nov 26, 2012 | Uncategorized |

Concussion has become the new buzz word in both professional and youth athletics. Despite its presence in the forefront of the national psyche, the specific effects of a concussion remain vague. As more and more high-profile football players sustain them, however, doctors are actually honing in on what exactly they do to the human brain. For example, when someone is concussed, neurotransmitters go haywire and prevent the brain from functioning properly.

While Americans’ love for football deserves credit for bringing concussions into the limelight, and accelerating medical understanding, athletes are not the only ones to which they may effect. Workers in Hartford also risk a brain injury every time they punch their time card. As a result, it is important for workers and their families to understand the risks and what to do when a head injury occurs.

Unfortunately, concussions are just the beginning of the type of head injuries that can occur across Connecticut’s blue-collar workforce. An accident at work can result in a more serious brain injury, permanent disability and reduced earning capacity. When this occurs, victims and their families are put in a difficult position. Medical expenses and lost wages can create a daunting economic challenge, and full accident compensation is never guaranteed.

With doctors continuing to make strides in the treatment of brain injuries, it is important for victims to know they can access the very best in medical care. Local attorneys can make sure this is a reality.

Hartford attorneys have experience representing local workers that have sustained a head injury at work. Fortunately, these professionals can help a victims’ family through these challenges. They can secure funds for medical expenses and current bills while also negotiating for an award that covers the long-term consequences.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, “Concussions: What happens and how the brain heals,” John Keilman, Nov. 14, 2012

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