Brain injury risk rises in wake of Superstorm Sandy

| Nov 16, 2012 | Uncategorized |

A Naugatuck man was killed last week after falling more than 40 feet in a tree cutting accident. The 53-year-old suffered head trauma and multiple broken bones and was pronounced dead at a hospital in Waterbury, southwest of Hartford. The man was one of many New England workers cleaning up after Superstorm Sandy.

According to police reports, the man suffered the fatal brain injury after getting tangled in a pine tree before it fell to the ground. The victim was employed by a local landscaping company. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the accident.

Accidents like these are a big concern as New England cleans up in Sandy’s wake. Numerous individuals will be put in harm’s way as they sort through broken trees and damaged homes. While the dangerous conditions caused by the storm make cleanup especially risky, the truth is brain injuries often occur in everyday situations. Whether during a daily commute or on the job, brain trauma risk is omnipresent.

These serious injuries can cause death or permanent disability. But damage from a brain injury is not always so obvious. Medical advances in the last few years have begun to shine new light on the far-reaching effects of a blow to the head. From headaches to memory loss to mood changes, even a mild concussion can be debilitating.

Attorneys experienced in personal injury understand the effects that head injuries can have on victims and their families. They can help individuals investigate an accident and get a medical diagnosis that fully explains the extent of an injury. With an attorney’s help, those injured in a workplace accident or on the road may be able to secure full compensation for their brain trauma.

Source: NBC News, “Man Dies in Tree Cutting Accident,” Nov. 5, 2012

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