Crime Spree Gives Rise to Security Concerns

| Oct 31, 2012 | Uncategorized |

The Hartford Police Department is investigating a series of recent street robberies. One of the victims was threatened with a knife while another was punched in the head. Fortunately, none of the victims were seriously injured. All of them, though, were deprived of personal property including a wallet, headphones and keys.

Police aren’t the only ones who should be concerned. Property and business owners in the vicinity of these crimes may also want to make sure they are providing adequate security for their tenants, guests and customers. Inadequate security can give rise to civil liability for landowners in some circumstances. Premises liability is often an available remedy for those that are injured on another person’s property.

Property owners have a duty to those that come upon their property to keep things safe. This applies to those that operate parking garages, apartment complexes and shopping centers, among others. Owners are not only responsible for making sure that things like steps and walkways are not hazardous for users, they must also take steps to make sure security is sufficient to prevent reasonably foreseeable harm.

When crime sprees like this occur, property owners must be sure that the threat does not affect their own property. If it does, as it may for business owners in the vicinity of these recent crimes, owners need to ensure that their visitors are safe. Individuals that are attacked and injured on another’s property may be entitled to an award from not only the assailant but the owner who failed to keep them safe.

Local Hartford attorneys have experience helping these victims pursue their rights. Individuals that are attacked outside a shopping center or apartment complex are encouraged to contact a local attorney to discuss their opportunities for recovery. While these robberies are disconcerting, it is comforting to know that the members of the community have a responsibility to keep each other safe.

Source: Hartford Courant, “Hartford Police Report Several Street Robberies,” October 21, 2012

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