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October 2012 Archives

Crime Spree Gives Rise to Security Concerns

The Hartford Police Department is investigating a series of recent street robberies. One of the victims was threatened with a knife while another was punched in the head. Fortunately, none of the victims were seriously injured. All of them, though, were deprived of personal property including a wallet, headphones and keys.

Fatal motorcycle accident adds to traffic-related deaths

A 22-year-old man is dead after crashing his motorcycle on Interstate 691 in Meriden, Connecticut. State police reported the accident and fatality. According to police, the rider lost control of his 2007 Kawasaki after striking a vehicle he was trying to pass. The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet.

Italian court says brain tumor linked to cell phone

Italy's highest court has decided that an executive who was on his mobile phone five to six hours a day for the last 12 years is entitled to workers compensation benefits for a brain tumor. The ruling swims against the tide of scientific opinion and evidence, which has found no direct link between cell phones and brain tumors. The executive, Innocenzo Marcolini, won his case on the strength of research done at a university hospital in Orebro, Sweden. The justices said they were persuaded because the studies were independent and not financed by cell phone companies.

Returning war veterans bring hazardous driving habits with them

Ask military service member who has spent time in Iraq or Afghanistan what it's like to drive over there and you will hear stories of high-speed sprints and wild evasive maneuvers to reduce the risk of being blown up by a roadside bomb. Unfortunately, some returning veterans are bringing those driving behaviors home with them. The problem has been around for years, stretching all the way back to the first Gulf War and beyond. The military doesn't like to talk about it and the Veterans Administration is only now starting programs to reduce dangerous driving by veterans. While the nation waits for the VA, thousands of motorists are at risk on highways and even neighborhood streets.

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