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Rehabilitation after permanent disability from brain injury

Previous posts here have mentioned the dangers that Connecticut residents face when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. The most serious injury is likely a brain injury, which can leave an individual paralyzed or otherwise permanently disabled. These victims will not only face the prospect of intensive medical treatment in the immediate aftermath of the injury, but also the prospect of a lengthy - and expensive - rehabilitation outlook.

There are many different forms of rehabilitation that a motor vehicle accident victim could engage in, depending on the severity and nature of the injury in question. For instance, "locomotor" or "movement" training involves just the basic act of getting the body moving again. After a brain injury, this is likely to be easier said than done. The use of treadmills is common in this type of rehabilitation, but only when properly supervised by medical or therapeutic professionals.

What should you do if you break a bone in a motorcycle accident?

There have been a few breaks of spring weather recently here in Connecticut, and many people may be thinking that it is time to get their motorcycles out and go for a ride soon. The same as every year, we will start to see more motorcycles on the roads in Connecticut in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, that also means that we will begin to see news reports about motorcycle accidents occurring. These accidents can be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists and any passengers they have, resulting in cuts and bruises and even more serious injuries, too.

One of the most common injuries that motorcyclists suffer from when they are involved in accidents is broken bones. So, what should motorcyclists or their passengers do if they suffer broken bones in an accident on Connecticut roadways?

Test to detect concussions approved

Concussion issues have been in the news quite a bit over the last few years. Experts in the medical field are learning more about these brain injuries which, contrary to what may have been believed in the past, can have a lasting impact on a person. The good news is that, according to a recent report, a new blood test has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration that helps detect concussions in adults.

The report indicates that the test works by measuring certain proteins that a person's brain releases into the bloodstream. The newly approved test can be administered almost immediately after a person is suspected of suffered from a concussion - around 15 minutes afterward. Unfortunately, it still takes time to develop the results of the test.

Pursuing the full amount of damages in a wrongful death case

It is unfortunate that families in Connecticut and throughout the country can be devastated by the untimely death of a loved one due to another party's negligence. In many cases, it was a car accident caused by a drunk driver or a driver who was distracted. In other cases, medical malpractice may result in the loved one's death. In whatever the manner in which the accidents are caused, the fact is that these types of fatal incidents are quite frequent in America.

Fortunately, the family members who are left in the wake of these tragic incidents may have the opportunity to attempt to secure financial compensation from the negligent party by pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. Anyone who is familiar with previous posts here knows that in these types of lawsuits the family members can seek compensation to cover medical bills that the deceased incurred as a result of the injury, but there are other damages that could be pursued as well.

A "preponderance of the evidence" and wrongful death lawsuits

Our readers who are familiar with previous posts here know that wrongful death lawsuits are pursued by the surviving family members of a person who is killed in an accident that was caused by another party's negligence. However, these cases can be notoriously tricky to prove in court. One legal term that any plaintiff in a wrongful death lawsuit will need to become familiar with is "preponderance of the evidence."

Like all other civil lawsuits, a "preponderance of the evidence" is the legal threshold that needs to be met to prove a case. For simplicity's sake, this threshold is often compared to the "beyond a reasonable doubt" threshold that the vast majority of Americans are already familiar with, which is applied in criminal, not civil, court cases.

What were you like before your serious brain injury?

It isn't always easy to describe a friend or loved one's personality. We all have our "quirks," but our friends and family members who know us best accept us for who we are and enjoy our company. But, when a Connecticut resident suffers a serious brain injury, in most cases, they are never the same person again. Their physical abilities may be limited, their speech may be impacted and their personalities might change drastically.

When a serious brain injury is caused due to the negligence of another party, this significant change can make it hard to demonstrate in court the devastating impact of the injury. An attorney may want to ask the question: "What were you like before your serious brain injury?" But, they usually can't - the victim's injury is so extensive in many cases, that the victim will not be able to help effectively with the presentation of the case and the significant change in their life circumstances that the accident caused.

What are the main issues in a truck accident lawsuit?

Anyone in Connecticut who has witnessed the devastation of a truck accident knows that these are the types of personal injury cases that need to be taken seriously. The victims in these types of accidents oftentimes suffer catastrophic injuries that leave them scarred, disfigured or disabled for life. In the worst cases, fatalities occur.

So, what are the main issues in a truck accident lawsuit? Well, for starters, it is important to realize just how much damage a truck accident can cause. Besides the medical conditions that victims can face, these types of accidents can also cause massive property damage as well. The sheer dollar amount involved in these types of personal injury lawsuits can be astronomical.

A lower BAC level may change drunk driving laws in America

It is an unfortunate reality of life in America that, every year, hundreds of people die in car accidents that are caused by drunk drivers. Although government organizations and private entities have, over several decades, attempted to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, the problem persists. However, according to a recent report, there may soon be a new weapon in the battle against drunk driving: a lower blood alcohol content level under the law.

The recent report noted that The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has recently recommended that the legal limit that defines drunk driving be lowered from .08 percent - which is the level in all states in America - to .05 percent. If states throughout the country embraced this recommendation, it could lead to a significant decrease in the number of drunk driving accidents that occur.

The various causes of premises liability claims

Most people who are in any way familiar with premises liability law often associate this particular area of the law with the classic "slip-and-fall" scenario. In this type of situation, individuals suffer an injury after they fall on another party's property due to the presence of a dangerous property condition, such as a slippery floor surface. However, this is just one type of scenario that can result in a premises liability claim in Connecticut.

While most people probably envision slip-and-fall incidents occurring at a retail or other commercial location, such as a grocery store, the reality is that these types of accidents can occur on private property as well. Imagine a circumstance in which you are at a house party and you fall and injure yourself due to a broken handrail on a set of stairs - this could lead to a premises liability claim.

Watching for concussion symptoms after an accident

There have been many news articles over the years about the issue of concussions, mostly because of concerns with football players, particularly in the National Football League. However, football players aren't the only ones who need to be worried about the potential danger of concussions. These serious brain injuries can affect anyone from any walk of life, particularly if they are involved in an accident of some kind, such as a car accident.

So, what happens if you don't know whether or not you have suffered a concussion after an accident? What concussion symptoms should Connecticut residents be on the lookout for? Well, some of the most obvious symptoms are dizziness, blurry vision, nausea and headaches. These types of symptoms typically occur in the immediate aftermath of suffering a concussion.

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