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Questions To Consider When Choosing A Divorce Attorney

Given the life-changing impacts divorce can have, it’s essential for separating spouses to understand what to look for when hiring a divorce attorney.

Divorce is a life-changing process, which makes finding an effective representative essential for separating spouses. Selecting an attorney while dealing with the emotional stress and upheaval of divorce can be challenging, however. Fortunately, spouses in West Hartford can improve their likelihood of choosing the right divorce lawyer by keeping the following questions in mind.

1. Is the attorney’s focus family law?

The Huffington Post advises spouses to start by learning about the types of cases and clients that an attorney usually accepts. Ideally, spouses should choose a firm that focuses on family law and has significant local experience in this area. Spouses should also find out whether the attorney specializes in areas relevant to his or her case. For example, parents who expect an eventual relocation may want to look for an attorney with experience in child custody and parental relocation.

2. Is the attorney a good fit?

During the initial consultation, spouses should judge whether an attorney is someone who they can partner with during the divorce process. According to CNBC, spouses may want to consider the following factors:

• Personal rapport. Given the personal and sensitive nature of divorce, it’s crucial for spouses to find attorneys who they can work and communicate effectively with.

• Expected costs. Spouses should also pragmatically consider whether hiring an attorney is financially feasible. Spouses should remember to weigh upfront expenses against the potential long-term costs of a disadvantageous divorce settlement.

• Credibility. Spouses should also be cautious of choosing attorneys who guarantee certain results. Since each divorce is unique, these promises may be a sign of exaggeration or dishonesty.

Additionally, spouses should take time to assess each attorney’s support staff. Throughout the divorce process, spouses typically will need to interact frequently with legal associates and other support personnel. Therefore, spouses should take note of the competency and availability of this staff.

3. Does the attorney practice mediation?

Spouses getting divorced in Connecticut may attempt to resolve disputed issues, such as division of assets, through mediation before engaging in litigation. Mediation also offers various benefits for spouses, as The Huffington Post notes. Settlements may be reached more efficiently and cost-effectively through mediation. These settlements also may be more tailored to the needs of each spouse. As a result, spouses may want to consider each attorney’s experience and skill in reaching settlements during mediation.

4. Is the attorney’s track record strong?

Finally, spouses should review each attorney’s ratings and record of success in court. The Huffington Post notes that this is advisable even if spouses intend to reach a settlement without litigation. This ensures that a spouse’s interests are protected if mediation or collaboration is not successful. As an added benefit, reviewing an attorney’s record can provide valuable insights into the attorney’s ability to advocate for clients.

Choosing an attorney can be daunting, given the high stakes that divorce involves. This is one reason that spouses may benefit from scheduling consultations with multiple potential representatives. A consultation can be an effective starting point to help spouses determine whether hiring a particular attorney is the right decision.