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Our History

When General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown in 1781, General Washington pulled off six buttons from his tunic and handed one to each of his chief line officers as a remembrance of the day.

Atwood Collins II, former counsel to the law firm of Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, placed one of those buttons in the hands of his son, as it had been passed down to him through generations of his family. While he passed that piece of historic memorabilia within his family, attorney Collins passed his love of the law — and the advanced legal skills and acumen necessary to be a formidable adversary and litigator — to his protégés, attorneys Scott Foster Lewis and Mark J. Ferraro.

Meet Our Attorneys

Attorney Scott F. Lewis handles your case himself, but clients benefit from the input of his partner, Mark J. Ferraro. They each practice in separate areas of law, but firmly believe that “two heads are better than one” in legal advocacy. These true law partners brainstorm each other’s cases to point out the what-ifs, determine the best strategy and support each other in the utmost representation of the clients of Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC

Scott F. Lewis and Mark J. Ferraro were not only mentored by Atwood Collins II, who had been a prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials, but by Scott’s father, Arthur M. Lewis, a past president of the Connecticut Bar Association, a past national president of the Commercial Law League of America, a former legislative commissioner for the state of Connecticut and known as an ambassador for the legal profession.

Consequently, Scott F. Lewis and Mark J. Ferraro are the repositories of the combined skills, knowledge and judgment of the two venerable lawyers who went before them. They use those skills, knowledge and judgment, together with personal passion and powers of persuasion, to zealously represent and advocate for each of their clients.

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Hard Work Never Goes Out of Style

Today, Mr. Lewis chiefly practices in personal injury and complex litigation. He is a veteran litigator who has recovered millions of dollars for victims of car, truck and motorcycle accidents by outworking his opponents.

While law partner Mark J. Ferraro maintains a separate practice in family law, he and Scott F. Lewis share a passion for litigating cases and helping clients who are struggling with a personal crisis. Theirs is a true partnership, exchanging strategies and legal theories on every case to position clients for maximum settlements or favorable odds at trial.

Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, provides knowledgeable, skilled and effective legal representation in Hartford County and central Connecticut. The highly trained and dedicated attorneys and paralegal assistants help clients deal with problems that affect their quality of life. They care about their clients, strive to be accessible and provide prompt, cost-effective legal service.

With state-of-the-art computer research and professional staff who make themselves accessible to clients, the attorneys of Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, are zealous advocates who work hard for each client. They fight to win and have the wherewithal to hire medical experts, accident reconstruction specialists and other professionals who can help them present a compelling case for compensation.

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