Attentive. Compassionate. Decisive.

We listen to your legal concerns, care about your needs and can act swiftly on your behalf.

Attorneys at Lewis, Lewis, and Ferraro LLC
Attentive. Compassionate. Decisive.

We listen to your legal concerns, care about your needs and can act swiftly on your behalf.

Practice Areas

Family Law

Resolving disputes for clients in high net worth divorces dealing with shared custody issues and more

Estate Planning

Drafting wills, trusts, power of attorneys and more for clients who wish to prepare for the future

Personal Injury
Helping victims of motor vehicle accidents with injuries that range from broken bones to brain trauma
Real Estate

Handling litigation matters on behalf of clients facing residential and commercial real estate conflicts

An Experienced Team Ready To Fight

With nearly 60 years of experience between them, the attorneys at Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, are able to provide knowledgeable and skilled representation to clients facing an array of legal issues. Together as a team, attorneys Scott F. Lewis and Mark J. Ferraro, along with our legal staff, work diligently to help you accomplish your goals. In matters of serious car accidents, ending a marriage, drafting a will or any other legal concerns, let us fight for your objectives.

Taking The Best Approach For You

First and foremost, we are litigators who are comfortable in the courtroom. We excel in creating trial strategies and synthesizing complex ideas in ways that are easily understood by juries. But as equally skilled negotiators, we never close the door to settlement. Whether it is a personal injury case or high net worth divorce we are dealing with, our team is ready to pursue the most beneficial route for you.

A Long-Established Legal Firm Serving Central Connecticut

The attorneys of Lews, Lewis, and Ferraro

He Never Hesitated To Take Action

“Upon our arrival in Connecticut, we were greeted with a lawsuit notice at 10:30 pm the day we arrived. It required us to appear within two days in court to respond to the lawsuit which concerned the real estate transaction for the purchase of our house.

With a great break, my brother was able to assist in helping us locate Scott Lewis. Scott was the cavalry for us. Within 24 hours, he brought the following qualities that would stay with us throughout the course of the lawsuit:

  • Decisiveness — He never hesitated to take action.
  • Calmness — He has great patience for questions.
  • Listening — He enjoyed talking through his strategy with us, and he truly is concerned about his clients’ well-being.
  • Highly intelligent, one of the highlights is watching him outmaneuver his opposition. 

Our world became much better having had Scott Lewis in our corner. Scott won the case for us, with the turning points being his personal characteristics mentioned above. Even after the lawsuit was over, Scott has always been available for consultations and a quick phone call.

We would highly recommend Scott Lewis to any client, and that client should feel a great sense of confidence and reassurance by having Scott on their side.”

—Juan & Elizabeth A.

A Formidable, Professional and Committed Legacy

For decades, our law firm has been a pillar of legal excellence in central Connecticut. Built on formidable representation, professional integrity and commitment to our clients, we owe our 21st century success to the founding lawyers who laid the cornerstones of our firm. Today, we serve clients from offices in West Hartford, Bristol and Stafford Springs.

Dedicated To Meeting Your Needs

Get the cost-effective legal services you need from attorneys who are passionate about helping you from the start.