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Build a solid case after a truck accident

Being in any type of car accident can be a scary experience for Connecticut residents. But when the accident involves a semi-truck collision, victims may not only be feeling scared, but also lucky to be alive. These types of accidents are notorious for how deadly they can be, especially when the collision is between a semi-truck and a smaller passenger vehicle. As our readers can probably guess, these types of collisions don't usually work out so well for the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle.

Multi-vehicle accident involves three cars, five people injured

Connecticut residents always need to be on the lookout for semi-trucks and other large vehicles on the roads. When these types of large vehicles are involved in an accident, the damage to the vehicles and the injuries to other drivers and passengers can be significant. That appears to be the case in a recent accident that reportedly occurred on August 12 in Hartford.

How to approach your complex truck accident claim

The aftermath of a "fender bender" isn't too complex: the parties exchange insurance information and the costs to fix any damage that occurred to the vehicles is covered by an insurance claim. However, accidents that involve more extensive damage, injuries and even fatalities will be much more complex. This is oftentimes the case in truck accidents involving semi-trucks and passenger vehicles.

Nighttime truck accident on I-95 causes serious injuries

Driving down the Interstate during the middle of the night requires a person to pay particular attention to their surroundings. Not only must they be aware of obstacles on the road that might be obscured by darkness, but they have to be on the lookout for drowsy drivers who have been on the road too long and drunk drivers heading home after a night out. Unfortunately, nighttime accidents do occur for a variety of reasons that have the potential to be very serious.

How do federal regulations impact truck accident injury claims?

Scarily enough, truck accident injury can befall innocent Hartford residents at any time. While most commercial trucks travel to and from their destinations without serious issue, some do not arrive as planned. On their routes, truck accidents sometimes interrupt their journeys and the lives of others on the road. Truck accident injury can be serious since commercial trucks are large, heavy, and can quickly lose control and endanger other drivers on Connecticut roads.

Trucks and wintery weather are a dangerous combination

Up here in northern Connecticut, we like to think of ourselves as veterans when it comes to driving in winter weather. Snow, sleet, ice - for the most part we know what to look for, can recognize hazardous conditions as they appear, and can properly address them while on the roads. One thing we cannot account for is the competency of other drivers on the road. As good a driver as you may be, the driver beside you could be equally as bad.

Trucks on the road are especially vulnerable to accidents

Drivers of traditional motor vehicles such as cars, minivans and SUVs may overlook the special conditions that truck drivers face while on the roads. Due to their sheer size and weight, it is not uncommon for serious injuries or even death to occur for those involved in a truck accident. Knowing and understanding the special inherent dangers that trucks face on the roads can help protect one from the possibility of a serious or fatal truck accident.

What tips can help motorists share the road with large trucks?

Motorists know that sharing the road with a large tractor trailer can be an unsettling experience. That's because these behemoths can sometimes seem to come out of nowhere and suddenly fill up a driver's rear view mirror. But it's important to remember that drivers need to share the road with these vehicles so they should employ some basic techniques that can help prevent truck accidents. So here are a few steps motorists should follow when sharing the road with large trucks.

What steps can truck drivers take to help avoid accidents?

Most drivers in Connecticut know that they need to drive cautiously when they are near large 18-wheel trucks. They know that they should slow down and stay to the right when a large truck legally passes them and they also know to give the truck driver enough room to change lanes. Routinely practicing these steps is one way to avoid accidents that can cause serious injuries. But what about truck drivers? What steps can they take with motorists in order help prevent truck accidents?One step truck drivers can routinely practice is to double check their mirrors before they make right handed turns. This is important because automotive drivers who are driving alongside of them may not know that the truck driver wants to make a right turn. Most 18-wheelers have to swing to the left before making a right-hand turn. Repeatedly checking their mirrors will alert them that there are motorists near them who may not be aware of their intentions.

Connecticut woman killed in crash with dump truck

Construction vehicles such as dump trucks are a common site on many Connecticut roads. These behemoths are an important part of the building industry and perform valuable work. However, their size and weight can also present a danger for motorists who drive much smaller automobiles and share the road with them. Recently, an accident on a local Connecticut road between a dump truck and an automobile has cost a Connecticut woman her life.

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