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Understand your legal options after a motorcycle accident

Now that the calendar is rolling over toward autumn, many motorcyclists in Connecticut will be trying to get in one last ride before they start to put their motorcycles up for the winter. Unfortunately, that means that, for the foreseeable future, until the weather really begins to turn, we will all likely see more news reports about motorcycle accidents on the roads of the Nutmeg State.

What is "negligence" in motorcycle accident cases?

Motorcycle accidents, like car accidents, are all too common on the roadways of Connecticut. But, unlike car accidents, motorcycle accidents have a far greater potential to result in serious injuries and even death. When a motorcycle accident in Connecticut does result in serious injuries, the victim may be inclined to pursue financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. In doing so, the victim will likely need to prove negligence in the case.

Motorcyclist suffers catastrophic injuries in collision

In collisions between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, there is an extremely high chance that the motorcyclist and any passengers will suffer much more serious injuries than the driver and any passengers in the other vehicle. According to a recent report, just such a scenario occurred in nearby Hebron, Connecticut.

Distracted or negligent drivers can cause motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists in Connecticut wait through the long winter months for a chance to get on the roads when the weather improves. The summer months are motorcycle months, and our readers have probably noticed an increase in the number of motorcycles on the roads in Connecticut over the last several weeks. However, there are dangers that motorcyclists need to be aware of when they hit the road, foremost of which is the danger presented by other vehicles.

Motorcyclist seriously injured in Connecticut crash

During the warm months, motorists in Connecticut are used to traveling with motorcyclists on the roadways. While this is a common experience, this does not always mean that drivers are at ease traveling by such a small vehicle. If a driver fails to take in their surroundings and acknowledges that a motorcycle is traveling nearby or a motorist misjudges the speed and distance of an oncoming motorcyclist, this could mean a serious and even tragic motorcycle crash.

Helping you take action following a motorcycle accident

During the warm months, Connecticut residents tend to spend more time outside. For some, this means parking their car and using a motorcycle to get to destinations or enjoy the nice weather. While motorcycles can be an effective and efficient way to get around, it is a small vehicle that is prone to many risks and dangers. Unfortunately not all motorists look for these vehicles when making maneuvers. This form of negligence could be the result of a serious and even fatal motorcycle crash.

Keep an eye out for motorcycles as we enter spring

Although the weather outside in Connecticut this week would seem to suggest otherwise, the clocks have been pushed forward, baseball is in full swing and spring is on the horizon. The inevitable warmer weather will undoubtedly invite more people outside, whether they are hiking, playing sports or firing up their motorcycles and hitting the streets.

CT woman charged after motorcyclist's death, had prior DUIs

Motorcyclists are usually hyper-aware of their surroundings when they get on their bikes. This is because even the slightest of incidences can cause catastrophic injury to a motorcyclist. In comparison, motor-vehicle drivers do not face such a high risk of injury when involved in an accident. A group of motorcyclists got a big shock when they were driving down Connecticut's Route 63 in recent months.

Connecticut residents should always be mindful of motorcycles

Winter is here and temperatures have dropped since the mild fall we enjoyed in Connecticut. The last thing on most drivers' minds is the thought of motorcycles on the road. But, motorcyclists' passion for the road sometimes cannot be stopped by cold weather. There are always a few passionate souls out there on two wheels no matter what the temperature is.

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