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Driver turns himself in for fatal Connecticut accident

Hearing the news that a loved one has been killed in an automobile collision is an event that is difficult to process. No matter the age of a loved one, this is a shocking way to have their life suddenly taken away. It is even more challenging to digest this tragic event when you are informed that the party responsible fled the scene of the accident. A hit-and-run accident leaves much room for questions, and surviving family members often have to wait much time for an investigation to uncover who was responsible for their loved one's death.

According to recent reports, the investigation for the driver of a fatal hit-and-run accident has ceased. This is because the man responsible turned himself into Connecticut State Police. Based on preliminary reports, the original accident took place in May of last year, resulting in a lengthy investigation to uncover who caused the accident as well as the identity of the driver responsible.

Helping you navigate a wrongful death claim

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time for the family members and friends of the deceased. It can be challenging to picture life without that person, especially when he or she was suddenly and selfishly taken away by the negligence of another. Fatal accidents are unpredictable and could impact people of any age. Thus, it is important to understand your rights as a surviving family member when it comes to holding a negligent party responsible.

It is an emotional event to process, and some find it nearly impossible to return to their normal life following a tragic accident. At Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, L.L.C., our experienced attorneys understand the sensitivity of these matters. Therefore, we are dedicated to guiding individuals in the Hartford area through a wrongful death claim.

What rehabilitation steps could help with brain injury recovery?

There are some severe injuries that residents in Connecticut and elsewhere never expect to suffer. But due to our daily life, such as driving motor vehicles, it is possible to be a victim in a serious automobile collision. As a result, a victim suffers a head trauma, causing present and future mental and health problems. While medical advancements have come a long way for brain injury sufferers, it is still a rough and long road of recovery.

What rehabilitation steps could help with brain injury recovery? A head injury could severely impact a victim's cognitive and physical functions. Thus it is imperative that certain rehabilitative actions are taken to address these impairments. Based on recent scientific studies for those suffering a cortical injury, a longer and more intense period of rehabilitation resulted in greater benefits, such as visible recovery to some degree.

Understanding the parameters and severity of brain trauma

There is a wide array of events that are unexpected. Despite them being unforeseen, residents in Connecticut and other states experience these surprising and unfortunate event, with one of them being a serious accident. Suffering brain trauma in a catastrophic incident can change a person's life in an instant. This does not only alter his or her life immediately but in the long-term as well.

In just the United States, more than 50,000 people die each year because of a brain injury. Additionally, it is estimated that a brain injury occurs every seven seconds, resulting in roughly a million people being treated in the emergency department each year. As a result, around 5.3 million people in the U.S. are currently living with disabilities stemming from a head trauma.

Motorcyclist seriously injured in Connecticut crash

During the warm months, motorists in Connecticut are used to traveling with motorcyclists on the roadways. While this is a common experience, this does not always mean that drivers are at ease traveling by such a small vehicle. If a driver fails to take in their surroundings and acknowledges that a motorcycle is traveling nearby or a motorist misjudges the speed and distance of an oncoming motorcyclist, this could mean a serious and even tragic motorcycle crash.

Following a recent motorcycle accident in Manchester, Connecticut Police are currently investigating the collision that involved a single motorcycle and a car traveling with four people. Based on preliminary reports, that crash took place during the evening hours near West Middle Turnpike and Wickham Park.

Helping you take action following a motorcycle accident

During the warm months, Connecticut residents tend to spend more time outside. For some, this means parking their car and using a motorcycle to get to destinations or enjoy the nice weather. While motorcycles can be an effective and efficient way to get around, it is a small vehicle that is prone to many risks and dangers. Unfortunately not all motorists look for these vehicles when making maneuvers. This form of negligence could be the result of a serious and even fatal motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle crashes often happen unexpectedly. A rider is caught off guard when a vehicle enters his or her lane or direction of travel. Because motorcycles handle much differently than automobiles, a biker could be injured in a collision or in a maneuver to evade a collision. There is no outer shell to protect riders, therefore, they are frequently thrown off the bike when a crash occurs.

One killed and one injured in a head-on collision in Connecticut

Motor vehicles are a necessary commodity in Connecticut and other states across the nation. Without automobiles, many residents would not have the ease or ability to travel where they want when they want. While personal vehicles are very beneficial, they also pose many risks to those driving them and traveling in them. Even when a driver is following the rules of the road, this unfortunately does not always protect them from a negligent or distracted driver.

According to recent reports, authorities in Connecticut were dispatched to a head-on collision. The car accident took place in Clinton during the afternoon hours. Two vehicles were involved in the crash, causing serious wreckage on the roadway.

The different types and levels of brain injuries

Being involved in any type of accident can be scary and emotional. Whether it is a car accident, work accident or a slip-and-fall, residents in Connecticut and elsewhere can be severely impacted by these incidents. This is especially true if the accident caused head trauma. An injury to the brain could leave a victim with serious side effects, even causing temporary or permanent damage.

There are various types of brain injuries, and depending on the location of the injury in the brain and the severity of the injury, a victim could suffer a traumatic brain injury that affects the victim for the rest of his or her life.

Helping you recover recourses following a brain injury

Being involved in an accident can be life altering. Even though a victim survived the incident, it is possible that the injuries suffered in the crash will alter his or her life forever. One serious injury is a traumatic brain injury. When an accident victim experiences head trauma, this could generate long-term disabilities, make it difficult to maintain a normal life or even care for him or herself.

At Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, L.L.C., our experienced attorneys understand what a tragedy a brain injury can be. Victims and their loved ones are greatly impacted and it is likely difficult to obtain all necessary medical care, rehabilitation needs and financial resources. Thus, we are dedicated to helping Connecticut residents understand their rights following a serious accident that results in a TBI.

Girls playing sports see higher rate of brain injury than boys

Participating in an organized sport can greatly benefit children in Hartford. Organized sports encourage teamwork, good sportsmanship and physical fitness, all qualities that parents want to see their children develop. Of course, parents also expect that their child will be safe while playing an organized sport. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

When a person thinks of a sports injury suffered by children, they may picture high-contact sports such as football. Therefore, they may be surprised to hear that according to one study by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, girls' soccer players saw a "significantly higher" rate of concussions when compared to boys' soccer players.

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